Shipping FAQ's

At VMAR Planes, our goal is to provide ultra fast shipping combined with detail & precision so your order is received quickly without any errors or problems. Simply put, our goal is to meet and exceed your every need, and our staff at VMAR Planes will push hard and fast to make sure every order placed with us is priority number one.

Please read below regarding our shipping policies and information, as this is the best area to peruse in order to make sure your shipping needs and questions are met in full.

Customer Shipping Information

VMAR Planes provides the customer the ability to utilize multiple shipping & billing addresses, based upon what fits your current needs. Whether inputted by the customer or our staff, the customer is ultimately responsible to maintain and update any new address changes, as VMAR Planes cannot / will not be held liable for orders being shipped to an incorrect address.

Customer Address via  PayPal Payments

In regards to payment via PayPal method, the address listed within your PayPal account will not be used as a valid shipping address, as our system utilizes the shipping address selected during the checkout phase when placing an order.

It is the customer’s sole responsibility to update VMAR Planes of any address differences before an order ships, as the order(s) placed through us are shipped via the customer address within our data base, which has been inputted via the customer, or at the request of the customer through our customer service department.

Free Ground Shipping

With a qualifying order of $100.00 or greater, we are happy to offer Free Ground Shipping within the USA, Lower 48 states only – AK, PR & HI may require additional fees, based upon parcel dimensions. If this is the case, our customer service team will contact you for additional payment, if necessary. Restrictions apply with select items based upon size and / or weight of item.

Free Ground / Economy Shipping can ship out via multiple methods, such as UPS Ground or USPS Priority / 1st Class Mail. These shipping methods are at the sole discretion of our shipping staff, and cannot be chosen by the customer, as the method utilized is based upon economy rates in relation to the size and or weight of the parcel being shipped.

Please note that with Free Shipping, we do not guarantee any specific delivery time, and with Free Economy Shipping, some orders can take up to 7 business days to arrive based upon your locale, although a shipping time frame of this time is usually quite rare.

If you are in need of a faster delivery time, we highly suggest that you upgrade to a quicker method, as Free Shipping is based upon Economy (5 to 7 business days), and is not guaranteed.

High Demand Order Processing

Due to high order demand that coincide with holidays, promotions or specials, our shipping team will sometimes process orders over the weekend, and orders will be noted as "Complete" status with active tracking information during this time frame.

In the above circumstance, all such orders will be shipped the following business day, as our carriers only pick up Monday - Friday, excluding holidays. If an order is noted as "Complete" with active tracking on a non business day, this does not notate that the parcel has been passed off to the carrier, and does not count as an active shipping day.

Estimated Delivery Times

Estimated delivery of your order can vary greatly depending upon your location and what shipping method you choose. We do our very best to ship your order the same day we receive it, and although not guaranteed, our shipping team will work hard to ship your order same day, or the following business day, once your order has been received.

Lost Orders - Domestic

If you feel that your order(s) have been lost in transit, please contact our customer service department with your order number(s) for direct assistance. Depending upon the carrier, we can initiate a trace for you and determine what may be the problem with your delivery.

In the case of most lost or delayed orders, a simple trace can be filed via the noted carrier. This trace option usually takes a few days to process, and our staff will keep the customer up to speed regarding any updates the carrier has to offer.

Please be aware that even though most traces are resolved within a matter of a few days, VMAR Planes cannot be held liable for delays of this nature, as this issue is outside of our control. However, our team will do everything we are able to rectify this matter in due time, so please allow us to process this problem based upon our resources at hand.

Lost Orders - International

For international orders that have encountered a delay, please note our team can process a trace for you based upon the shipping method chosen, with the sole exception of 1st Class International Mail.

Due to the fact that 1st Class International Mail does not use an active tracking number, our team is unable to file a trace via this method, and the customer will be required to wait a total of (60) days before alternate options can be explored via insured parcels only.

If a trace is requested based upon the customers parcel (excluding 1st Class International Mail), our staff will happily file a trace via the carrier and keep the customer up to speed based upon any relevant updates via the carrier.

Due to multiple factors outside of our control, please be aware that a trace can take several weeks to complete, as these processes involve communication between (2) differing countries. We will do the very best we can to resolve matters as rapidly as possible, so please be patient with us as we exhaust all resources to make sure your parcel is recovered.

Shipping FAQ's:

Below is a list of some of the most common shipping questions we encounter, so if you have a question that involves shipping, please see the below list for a quick & effective answer to your question at hand.

When Will My Order Ship?

We do our very best to ship our orders the same day they are placed, based upon current shipping demand. Please keep in mind that we strive to ship every order the same day the order has been placed, but we cannot guarantee same day shipment, no matter what shipping method or rush option selected. This can be due to the below reasons:

- Heavy Shipping Demand
- Fraud Verification Review
- Large Order Quantities
- Missed Cutoff Time
- Early Carrier Pick Up
- Inclement Weather

Do You Guarantee Same Day Shipping?

No – we do not guarantee same day shipping. However, with orders placed early enough, we do our very best to ship your order out as rapidly as possible – very often the same day.

If I Choose Next Day Air, Am I Guaranteed to Receive My Order the Next Day?

If you select UPS Next day Air, and your order is placed in time that allows the order to be processed and shipped, your order is guaranteed to arrive the next day via the specified carrier.

If you place your order close to our 1:00pm EST cutoff time, we urge you to contact us via phone so we can verify that your order is capable of shipping out the same day via the overnight shipping method chosen.

Please be aware shipping methods outside of UPS Next Day Air are not guaranteed for next day delivery. Multiple shipping options we utilize can offer near overnight delivery based upon your location, but any method outside of these methods cannot be guaranteed, no matter what your previous history of delivery times have been.

USPS / UPS Note Specific Days the Order Will Arrive In – Are These Time Frames Accurate?

Both USPS & UPS provide “estimates” of when the order will arrive based upon the locale the parcel is shipping to, but this is only an estimate, and cannot be guaranteed. An example of this would be "USPS Priority Mail," which can notate a (2) day delivery time frame. This is an estimate only and in no way is a guaranteed delivery time frame.

With UPS (depending upon your locale), the amount of days for shipping can be as little as 1 day, but this is not guaranteed, such as “Next Day Air” or “2nd Day Air.” Please keep in mind that anything other than “2nd Day Air” & “Next Day Air” via UPS is not guaranteed.

The shipping time for all other methods listed on our site is simply an estimate via the carrier, and although accurate, cannot be guaranteed.

I’m a Local Customer or Will Be In Your Area – Can I Pick Up My Order?

Our Middletwon, IN facility offers local pick up's for customers locale to our area, and can be selected at checkout as a "Local Pick Up" option.

For all local pick up's, our staff requires adequate time to process your order for release. When placing your order with us for same day pickup, please bear in mind that the order must be placed before 1:00pm EST for same day pick up - anything after that time will require a phone call to our staff to verify your order will be available.

Please bear in mind that an order placed with us for local store pick up may require the same fraud verification process as a normal online order, which has a possibility of delaying the release time frame. Further, we ask that any customer picking up a pre-paid online order have valid ID, along with the credit card utilized in the case of a credit card payment.

I Selected Free Shipping – What Shipping Method Will Be Used?

With Free Shipping, our staff will decide which shipping method works best for us, based upon the size and or weight of the parcel. If the method of choice (such as UPS Ground) does not meet the delivery requirements (such as a P.O. box versus a physical address), our staff will reach out to you and provide other options.

Please note that with Free Shipping, we do not guarantee any delivery time, and with Free Shipping that ships via UPS Ground, some orders can take up to 7 business days to arrive. If you are in need of a faster delivery time, we highly suggest that you pay for a quicker method, as Free Shipping is based upon Economy (5 to 7 business days), and is not guaranteed.

I Selected Priority Mail, and My Order Is Late – Do I Qualify for a Refund?

Priority Mail (within the USA), is very accurate, and is almost always delivered on time, but is not guaranteed to arrive within the noted time frame, no matter how close you are to our facility. The only methods guaranteed by the shipper to arrive in a specific span of time is UPS via select express based methods.

VMAR Planes in no way guarantees shipping methods via the postal service, and will not offer any refunds, credits, discounts or otherwise if an order is delayed via an unsecured method, such as USPS. VMAR Planes also does not guarantee Priority Mail to be shipped same day, although we do our very best to ship all packages same day.

Do All Items via VMAR Planes Ship Free with Orders $100.00 or More?

Nearly all items we carry will qualify for Free Economy Shipping within the USA for an order $100.00 or more, but a few select items do not qualify either due to bulk, weight, or a sizeable discount in order to match other competitors.

If My Order Ships “Signature Required,” Can I Waive This?

All orders created via VMAR Planes can be tagged as a "Signature Required" parcel by our shipping staff. This signature required option protects us in the event of a lost / stolen parcel, and all such signature required options are normally based upon the order value of the noted order. Once shipped, this signature option cannot be removed by our staff.

If a signature required option will absolutely not work for you, we urge you to contact our staff before your order ships out, and we will do our very best to offer whatever accommodations we are able to make available. However, due to our inherent liability with all parcels we ship, a waiver of a signature required may not be available.

I Just Received a Tracking Number, but It Doesn’t Work?

Once your order is shipped via UPS, DHL or USPS, the tracking number will not be “live” till the carrier picks up your order. Depending upon the carrier or method of shipping, this may take a few hours after the order is picked up, and in the case of USPS, active tracking updates can take even longer.

For orders placed after our 1:00pm EST cutoff time, the order can still be marked as "Complete" with a shipped status and tracking number, but the order may not leave the facility till the following day. Simply put, a "Complete" status with tracking number does not note the order as 100% shipped out, as the carriers may have already departed by the time the order was processed and set to ship.

My Package Is Delayed – How Can I Resolve?

If your order is delayed, please check your tracking number first, and if the tracking information has not changed after several days, please contact us. If delayed beyond an unusual norm, we can file a trace upon your behalf and do our best to find out where the parcel may be held up at. This is in exception to international orders, which can take multiple weeks to update.

Please keep in mind that USPS Mail can vary based upon multitudes of factors, such as inclement weather, sorting locations, internal USPS issues, and more. Although reliable and accurate, USPS Mail can fluctuate, and such variables are outside of our realm of responsibility.

My Order Arrived with Damage, Errors or Missing Parts – How Can I Resolve?

In the case of any order errors or product damage not related to shipping, please use our “contact us” options to send us a message, or call us via our phone support for help. For quick help, please have your order number ready so we can rapidly assist you.

In the case of product damage not related to shipping, our staff may request a photo of the product for our internal records, so please provide any pictures that may be requested at the discretion of our staff.

My Order Arrived with Shipping Damage – What Should I Do?

If your order arrives with apparent shipping damage, notify the carrier of the damage and refuse the shipment. If the order was left at your door with shipping damage, or you received the order with damage, please do not open the box; contact us for instructions, and we will be sure to assist.